Thank you for visiting my website! I truly get excited about sharing the surprisingly simple changes we can make in the way we shop and live to help preserve tropical ecosystems. As consumers, we play a very important role. Hence, I’m an avid supporter of innovative companies that make sustainable sourcing and production a priority. I often write about and recommend products from these types of companies because they usually produce a superior product and it is critical to support responsible manufacturers and businesses if they are to flourish and multiply. Please visit my “Fav Picks” page for a list of some of the best.

My work emphasizes the power of choice. Every single one of our choices matter—and collectively, our choices shape the world we live in. Our choices today can create a future world that still has tigers in the wild and beautiful, unspoiled places of natural wonder and awe and one that is healthy and sustains life for not only humans, but all creatures of the earth.

I hope you find the site informative, inspiring, simple and fun! Please feel free to contact me and share whatever you’d like. I’ll be posting blogs here regularly and will provide links on my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Please check back or better yet, follow me!

Warmest wishes,

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