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Kim Henderson is the author of 50 Simple Steps to Save the World’s Rainforests (Freedom Press, 2012), recipient of the 2012 Green Book Festival, “Best How-to” award, Runner Up in the “Best How-to” category of the 2013 Paris Book Festival and Finalist in the Science/Nature/Environment category of the 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.  Rainforest activists “Amazon John” Easterling and Olivia Newton-John Easterling contribute the book’s foreword.

About the Book:  While many of us know the sobering facts about tropical rainforests, few know what we can do to help. That’s where 50 Simple Steps to Save the World’s Rainforests comes in.  With demand fueling the most destructive forces driving deforestation—agriculture, logging, and resources extraction, the future of the world’s rainforests lies to a large extent in our collective “consumer” hands in how we choose to shop and live.

The book’s 50-step journey is designed to both illuminate where your consumer and life choices may unwittingly be contributing to rainforest destruction and more importantly, precisely how you can make different choices that strengthen your relationship to our natural world and help preserve our rainforests.

For example, you will learn how your paper use and purchases of rayon clothing affect Indonesian rainforests where Sumatran tigers are critically endangered or how simply eating Brazil nuts helps save the Amazon rainforest.

You will discover how the cultivation of palm oil—a common ingredient in confections, baked goods, biofuels, personal care products and cleaning products—is fueling rampant deforestation in Malaysia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, and how you can avoid it. You will also learn about how closely connected you are to the rainforest in your daily living.

50 Simple Steps to Save the Rainforests is the ultimate primer for anyone wanting to do something to preserve what remains of this precious ecosystem for future generations.

“50 Simple Steps to Save the World’s Rainforests gives practical ways to stem the disaster of rainforest destruction. Read it and you’ll learn a lot, follow its advice and you’ll make a difference. I highly recommend this book to all who care about planet Earth.
Chris Kilham, “Medicine Hunter”

“It’s real simple: This is a book that should be owned by every person from every country in the world. It’s that useful, and that important.”
William Gazecki, Academy Award-nominated
Documentary Filmmaker

“I’m grateful for a book that gives people greater insight about the ultimate importance of the rainforest to humanity and simple ways to make a difference with our everyday choices.”
David Karr, Co-founder, Guayaki

The Back Story
In 2008, Kim Henderson’s job as managing editor of Healthy Living magazine took her to Costa Rica. The magazine was developing a cover feature about the efforts being made by Whole Foods, nutritional supplement manufacturer New Chapter and other independent health food stores in partnership with the Costa Rica’s Monteverde Conservation League to raise money for a wildlife corridor extending the Children’s Eternal Rain Forest along the Chachagua River. The corridor would allow predators such as puma and jaguar a larger area to roam.

The morning after the group arrived at Finca Luna Nueva, the sustainable farm owned by New Chapter, which borders the rainforest, they discovered a jaguar paw print on the property—a rare occurrence and an auspicious sign for the story the magazine aimed to tell. After traipsing the property and the forests’ border, the crew conducted the photo shoot in the Chachagua River!

Kim in Costa Rica with Tom Newmark, CEO of New Chapter, Steven Farrell, general manager of Finca Luna Nueva and environmentalist and owner of Freedom Press, David Steinman.

Kim was profoundly affected by the vibrant energy and allure of the rainforest. On the return flight home, she suggested to the magazine’s editor and owner of Freedom Press, that the next environmental book the company published needed to be about the rainforests. Freedom Press had just published 50 Steps to Save the World from Global Warming with the Green Patriot Working Group*.  Kim knew that Westerners like herself were far removed from tropical rainforests around the world and that this book would need to connect the two worlds and provide simple, easy steps that would make a difference in conservation efforts. Her publisher loved the idea. Six months later she was asked to lead the project along with the Green Patriot Working Group.  50 Simple Steps to Save the World’s Rainforests was published in 2012 and is widely available at fine booksellers and at

*The Green Patriot Working Group consists of concerned individuals and organizations who realize that underlying many of our nation’s most pressing challenges is an environmental crisis that demands a balanced and nonpartisan approach in order to preserve our future.

Here are some of Kim’s favorite rainforest friendly products and conservation organizations. Each one is making a positive difference in the world. Please enjoy exploring what they offer!

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Amazon Watch
The Amazon Center for Education and Environmental Research (ACEER)
Forest Stewardship Council
Monteverde Conservation League
The Nature Conservancy
No Dirty Cold
Rainforest Action Network
Rainforest Alliance
Rainforest Relief
Sumatran Tiger Trust
Survival International
Wildlife Conservation Society
World Wildlife Fund

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