Get In the Flow, Get It Done! Amazon/Machu Picchu Writing Adventure!

Hey, check out my new writing workshop next summer in the Peruvian  Amazon and Machu Picchu. Here’s the description and a link to ACEER–the group sponsoring it.

Get in the Flow/Get it Done: A Creative Writing Workshop

This workshop will be led by Kim Henderson. Kim is an award-winning environmental author, reporter and seasoned publishing professional. Having met hundreds of deadlines as both a writer and magazine editor, she knows how to manage the creative process to completion. She uniquely encourages writers to spend time in nature and practice informal meditation as sources of both inspiration and restoration. And by setting doable writing commitments, she helps writers get in the flow. She gets writers writing—and writing to completion. As Kim notes, “You can think it and you can feel it, but if you don’t put in into words, it will never delight, inform or move another human being—or shape our world. My job is to empower the writer to commit to the process and get words on the page. The rest falls into place.”

Kim spent three years researching the impact western lifestyle choices have on tropical rainforests as well as the deep connection and dependence westerners have on the rainforest for survival. She discovered the power consumers have to shape environmental practices in tropical regions and to bring income to impoverished communities. But perhaps most importantly for this workshop, she experienced firsthand the effects the tropical rainforest have on the human spirit. “The rainforest connects us to our primal roots. What’s essential comes to the surface. You cannot spend time in the rainforest and leave unchanged. You hear your own voice clearly and find new inspiration. What’s more, in this workshop, you will literally ascend from the Amazon to the heights of Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Incas!”

A final itinerary and cost will be posted here soon, so please check back. In the meantime, additional details can be obtained from ACEER

Link to ACEER:

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